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Garden Patio and Paving Design Ideas
in Hitchin Hertfordshire


Garden Patio Paving Design Ideas: Slabs, Lights & Driveways. Suppliers Contractors - Hitchin Hertfordshire

Greenroom Gardening can design and construct garden patios, paths, drives, steps and walls using a variety of patio and paving slab materials to suit your garden and budget.  

From a simple square shaped paving seating area by the back door, to a more detailed patio garden with added interest, such as complex shapes, patio lighting and other features, our patio and paving experience and expertise will help you turn your unique garden patio ideas into reality.


Garden Patio Paving Types


There is now an increasing number of garden paving styles and garden patio products dedicated to helping you gain the maximum amount of use and enjoyment from your patio garden, for example:


  • Indian Sandstone paving   
  • York patio paving       
  • Limestone paving   
  • Granite patio paving       
  • Slate paving            

Also, concrete paving slabs are an attractive and practical choice for a front garden.


Paving for Driveways


Constructing a new driveway with paving can spectacularly enhance the appearance and value of your home. Greenroom Gardening specialise in designing and installing driveway paving and can help you choose the style, type of paving stones and edging, to create both the look and comfort you wish for.

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