Garden Ponds and Garden Water Features
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A new garden pond or water feature will add greatly to the joy of your garden and nature in general, enabling you to grow different types of plant, keep fish and attract many types of wildlife. If you have always longed for a water feature, Greenroom Gardening can design and install your new garden pond, fountain or waterfall at a cost to suite your budget.


Garden Pond Ideas and Designs


Greenroom Gardening can provide you with garden pond design ideas, helping you decide:

  • Ideal pond location
  • Overall design
  • Type of pond liner- concrete, clay, flexible or pre-formed liner
  • Planting


Garden Pond Waterfalls and Fountains


Adding a pond fountain or waterfall means you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of water splashing its way back into the pond, as you sit in the garden – perfect for a warm summers evening!

Solar Water Features


Solar water features allow you to have all the benefits of a water feature without the wires. You can place your solar water feature anywhere you like in your garden to compliment your overall garden layout.

Garden Ponds & Water Features: Landscape, Waterfalls, Solar, Fountains, Ideas & Designs - Hitchin Hertfordshire


Ponds and Safety


Unless securely fenced off, a pond can be dangerous to very young children – a toddler can drown in only 8cm of water. If you have young children it may be better to start with a bog garden, and then add a pond when the children are older. Most children are fascinated by ponds and the life in them!


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